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Los Blogs de Tejas – TPA

The Texas Progressive Alliance says “Person, woman, man, camera, TV”. Also, “Play ball!”, “Get the federal stormtroopers out of American cities”, and “Here’s this week’s roundup”.

Off the Kuff has (you guessed it) another Presidential poll to dissect.

SocraticGadfly has non-RIP sayonaras for two Dallas notables. First, he waves at faded Dallas media legend Jim Schutze, COVID0-canned by the Dallas Observer a while back. Second, he says don’t let the door hit you on the way out to John Wiley Price elections hack Toni Pippins-Poole.

DosCentavos had another slow week, but he’ll get back on it this week. He did tell us about the the latest 2020 campaign tune by Chicano music legend Johnny Hernandez.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Amanda Marcotte reminds us that feminists had warned us about the likes of would-be judicial assassin Roy Den Hollander.

Christopher Hooks documents the goat rodeo that was the state Republican Party convention.

Grits for Breakfast outlines the sunset review process for the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

Allyn West has a conversation with City of Houston Transportation Planner David Fields about transportation and health.

The Texas Craft Brewers Guild would like your help saving Texas’ microbreweries.

The Current reports on the plight of the Kerrville Folk Festival, which is soliciting donations to stay afloat after cancelling its 2020 event.

Los Blogs de Tejas – TPA Roundup

The Texas Progressive Alliance is fanning itself with one hand and sipping from a frosty beverage with the other as it brings you this week’s roundup.

Off the Kuff catalogs the many ways Greg Abbott failed during the COVID crisis.

SocraticGadfly says that if Black Lives Matter, and Confederate statues are a worry, even in Gainesville, it’s interesting that, as part of that Young Republicans PR also matters. He also offers a few thoughts on various statues issues in general.

It was a slow week at DosCentavos , but he reminds everyone to send healing thoughts and vibes to Tex-Mex Legend and great Democrat Little Joe Hernandez.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Big Tex says we’ll meet again at the State Fair in 2021.

Paradise in Hell was sad to see that happen.

Reform Austin lists a number of prominent Texans who have contracted COVID-19.

Progress Texas argues that our district attorneys are not prosecuting enough abusive cops.

Rick Casey posits that Greg Abbott misses having Joe Straus around to serve as the main punching bag for the wingnut coalition in the GOP.

The Texas Signal highlights Sen. Eddie Lucio’s ties to the private prison industry.

The TMAs COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chart

A chart has been floating around the facebooks and it is quite interesting. What activities pose the most risk for contracting the coronavirus? It’s not too surprising, but as we keep reaching record-setting numbers, and as Greg Abbott and his ilk continue to fail Texas, and as people keep making bad excuses for not practicing CDC guidelines (masks/distancing/stay home), this is good information to know. Click here for a PDF of this. Or, click on the image below.

What’s the riskiest thing you’ve done these last few months? For me, it’s been mostly opening the mail, pumping gas, and grocery shopping. And it wasn’t until last week that I picked up some Popeye’s Chicken and had to run a few errands with a sibling while wearing masks in the vehicle. But, that’s it! Everything else would seem like walking into a COVID spit cloud, unless they practice those CDC guidelines (like at a professional office for work purposes).

Anyway, check yourself!

Los Blogs de Tejas – TPA Roundup

The Texas Progressive Alliance watched “Hamilton” like everyone else as it prepped this week’s blog roundup. [DosCentavos did not!]

Off the Kuff has two more polls to analyze.

SocraticGadfly had two third-party items of note. First, he said RIP to Mimi Soltysik, 2016 SPUSA presidential nominee. Second, he called out losing Green Party presidential candidate Dario Hunter for “going there” with identity politics and various other matters.

DosCentavos’ early voting experience was quick, yet harrowing. The moral of the story…don’t leave until you click “CAST BALLOT.”


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Charlotte Clymer expresses discomfort with a recent viral video.

Grits for Breakfast presents a primer for new, local police-reform advocates in Texas.

Dwight Silverman updates the “how to cut the cord” manual.

Christoph Spieler discusses why race is always there when we talk about transit.

Pedro Noguera wants a focus on equity when we reopen the schools.

Los Blogs of Texas Roundup

The Texas Progressive Alliance does not speak in riddles when it brings you its weekly roundup.

Off the Kuff enjoys a bit of schadenfreude at the expense of the terrible people at Empower Texans.

SocraticGadfly says that (complete with quote-Photoshopping) Gov. Strangeabbott has coronavirus blood on his hands.

DosCentavos puts the SCOTUS DACA decision into perspective.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Robert Rivard salutes Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff for successfully calling Greg Abbott’s bluff on face masks.

Juanita basks in Trump’s latest egotistical tirade.

The Texas Signal enjoys the spectacle of Ted Cruz whining about Sesame Street.

Grits for Breakfast imagines a “George Floyd Act” for Texas.

The Dallas Observer reports on the celebrations by immigration activists over the SCOTUS ruling on DACA.

Jeff Balke fears a sports pandemic within the current pandemic.

Teneshia Hudspeth Announces for HC County Clerk

Teneshia Hudspeth, the current Harris County Deputy County Clerk, declared her candidacy for County Clerk this week. As Kuff reminds us, Harris County Democratic precinct chairs will choose the nominee later this summer after the resignation of Diane Trautman. Precinct chairs will also choose the nominee for HCDE Position 7, and I’ve already written about Jose Rivera who is running for that position.

Teneshia Hudspeth is a Houston-based Administrator to the third largest county in the nation, where she currently serves as Chief Deputy of the Harris County Clerk’s Office.  She is the first African American women to serve in this role. Teneshia supervises the Administrators of all departments and locations of Commissioners Court, Elections, County Civil Courts, Probate Courts, Personal Records, Real Property, Information/Records Archives, and Annex Offices in operational planning, human resources, financial, advocacy, community relations and risk management.

As a 15 year member of the Harris County Clerk’s Office, serving under three Administrations, she has held a variety of positions that have provided the breadth of knowledge necessary to serve the public well, including Administrative Aide of Public Affairs, Special Projects Coordinator, Voter Outreach Coordinator, Public Information Officer, and Administrator of Communications & Voter Outreach.  Most of her work while in the Clerk’s Office focused on providing registered voters the information, materials and assistance needed to access the voting process. In the community, she provides leadership and information on voter registration and voter turnout in Harris County, the City of Houston, and the State of Texas, and manages the African American Elections Advisory Committee for the County.

Hudspeth, who began her career in public service as a congressional intern, is active in the community through various organizations. She has also taken a lead role in helping create the next leaders in the African American community through the creation of a leadership institute.

Hudspeth was immediately endorsed by her former boss, Diane Trautman, as well as other elected officials. Among my politically active friends, she also seems to be the favorite. Personally, whenever I’ve e-mailed her office for data, she has been very responsive and helpful. I agree with Dr. Trautman that we need someone who can hit the ground running. I expect support for Hudspeth to gather quickly.

Since this particular race will be decided by the precinct chairs, it is up to us voters to contact them and tell them our preference. Don’t know your precinct chair? Head on over to this website, input your information, and find out who your precinct chair is. Some posts may be empty, so, we may need to find a different way to inform precinct chairs of our preference.

Soon:  The #StaceSlate for the 2020 Democratic Party Runoff!

Judge Hidalgo Signs New Face Mask Order

DC Says “¡Ponte la pinche máscara!”

From Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo;

BREAKING: In light of the governor’s guidance I’ve signed an order requiring businesses to require #facecoverings for workers & customers. We’ve recently seen disturbing #COVID19 trends and we must act swiftly to keep folks safe. We’ll use every tool available in this fight.

I wouldn’t call it guidance from the governor as much as winning a guessing game as to what the governor would allow. “Thanks to Bexar County Judge Wolff for calling Abbott’s bluff” would be a better way to describe it. Unlike the Judge, I don’t have to be nice about it.

Anyway, mask up and physically distance yourself from people (and stay away from crowds). And, remember, “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Mask, No Service!”

More from ABC13:

The new order goes into effect on Monday, June 22 and the Disaster Declaration expires on June 30, Hidalgo said. Businesses will be fined $1,000, but individuals will not be fined.

“This will only work if everyone does their part,” Hidalgo said. “The intent is not to have police on every street corner.”

Masks do not need to be worn while eating, exercising outside, driving, pumping gas or inside buildings that require screening like banks.

Mayor Sylvester Turner also said it’s important for customers to feel safe so they’ll venture out of their homes and visit businesses, helping many stay open and afloat.

“It’s a health care crisis, y’all,” Mayor Sylvester Turner said. “For people who want to start moving around, including the fall, how we handle the summer will be critical.”

Texas Progressive Alliance Roundup

The Texas Progressive Alliance stands with those demanding justice for George Floyd as it brings you this week’s roundup.

Off the Kuff analyzed two more polls showing a tight Presidential race in Texas.

SocraticGadfly notes how Ted Rall is becoming a self-writing parody of himself.

DosCentavos writes about where the conversation on police reform needs to begin based on the #8CantWait campaign.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Christoph Spieler shares two lessons for transit agencies during times of crisis.

Paradise in Hell warns his Trump-supporting friends and colleagues that the day is coming when they will have to choose between their president and their country.

Therese Odell is always on top of the news and how politics and current events relate to the TV industry.

The Texas Signal reports on the Travis County DA primary runoff and how it relates to the wider criminal justice reform debate.

Via Out in SA, Equality Texas vows to do better at every level of their organization to help dismantle systems of oppression against Black Americans.

Christopher Hooks covered the Black Lives Matter rally in Vidor.

Change The LE Culture or Deaths Will Continue

Some are saying that “good cops” need to speak out. I’ve never seen such a thing happen when a black or brown person has ended up dead at the hands (or “in the custody”) of local law enforcement. At least, nothing that caused actual change. What we have seen is the law enforcement and cops union spin machine take over and their defenses go up in record time. Meanwhile, citizens protesting murder-by-cops are immediately tear-gassed, harassed by cops-on-horses, or, ultimately, ignored, which only leads to elevated protest tactics.

As we’ve seen in Minneapolis, it seems that even the prosecutors have found ways to tell us how the evidence may not be there for charges against the four cops. That’s nothing new. Chauna Thompson, the Harris County deputy who, along with her husband, murdered John Hernandez, was let go by DA Kim Ogg, even after being indicted, for the same excuse. And we all remember how deputies were protecting Thompson and her husband at the county jail when they were allowed to turn themselves in. It’s sort of like a line of Minneapolis cops protecting the home of Derek Chauvin, huh? I’d like to see video of Chauvin and his buddies at his processing.

No, it’s not that “good cops” need to speak out. At least it’s not the only thing that needs to be done. Besides, the “good cops” don’t seem to get the attention of the “bad cops” and their defenders. And empty platitudes of support from Houston Chief Acevedo and Harris County Sheriff Gonzalez toward Minneapolis when their own departments have killed as many as six black and brown men recently without releasing bodycam video and with weeks having passed without any results as to the investigations will not bring about the changes for which people are protesting, either.

UPDATE:  The murder-by-cop of Nicolas Chavez has been handed over to the FBI. This is the one where a suspect who was on his knees was shot numerous times by multiple cops and it was caught on cell phone film. Acevedo hadn’t heard of a need to investigate the other kills-by-cops. Which leaves me unsatisfied.

Yes, prosecuting murderous cops would be a good start. For the local DA, even putting bad cops through trial would be something. We’ve all seen some poor schmuck railroaded by DAs for low-level crimes for the sole purpose of driving up DA win-loss records, but we’ve also seen the kid gloves with which cops are treated when accused and charged with police brutality, which has left us still demanding change. So, what kind of change?

There must be a change in law enforcement, systemic and cultural. The current practice seems to be about defending the entire culture, even when the bad apples act up. Black and brown people are dying at the hands of law enforcement because of this LE culture that thinks of itself as the judge, jury, and , at times, the executioner. Even the recent behavior of the local Chief during an attempt to clear the jail of low-level unbonded inmates because of the pandemic had him putting on a show for the law and order crowd.

Those who are in charge must lead the change, and those who refuse to change must be fired. It’s time to stop the media show of getting puffed up whenever their authority, tactics, and their culture are questioned by the citizens that pay their salaries and elect those who are supposed to be their bosses. And it is time for the diversity of a city to be represented in citizen review commissions with honest-to-God oversight and watchdog capabilities. Not the kind that are created for political shows and appointments. Those are just a few changes. I’m sure CJ reform groups have something more substantive that has gone ignored by those in charge.

It’s a change that seems to be promised every time there is a state-sanctioned murder, but is seldom achieved. Politicians and the media must stop treating state-sanctioned murder as a public policy debate between being tough or weak on crime. And if someone does treat it like a debate, end their careers. Too many lives have been lost and more will be lost as long as political games are played and solutions are avoided to win those political games.


Don’t ask me about the republican primary, but I’m sure the latest KKK meeting has an event page on Facebook.

Today, Tuesday, February 18, 2020 is the first day of early voting. In Harris County, that means you can vote at any early voting location. By now, you’ve studied every race and filled out your sample ballot to take to the voting machine. Or, you can print out the #StaceSlate and use my suggestions. Or at least some of them. We can disagree on some as long as you vote for Bernie. And Royce West. And Julia Maldonado. And Audia Jones. And Natalia Cornelio. And Diana Martinez Alexander. And Ann Harris Bennett. Obviously, I’ve made it easy with the #StaceSlate.

Anyway, you have until February 28 to bank your vote. Thankfully, our County Clerk Diane Trautman (with the help of a Democratic majority on Commissioner’s Court) is making voting easier and more accessible, so you’ll be able to vote at any polling location on election day (March 3). Need a translator? Diane has made that easy, too. Need curbside voting? Here you go! Get it done early because you never know what may happen to you before election day! And don’t forget your ID.

There really is no good reason to not vote. And in Harris County, the only ones that might keep you from voting are thuggy republicans who don’t want you to vote. But we have Diane Trautman to back you up! And we have Ann Harris Bennett to make sure you stay registered to vote.

Click here for the #StaceSlate! Happy Voting!