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O’Malley Challenges Democrats’ Lack of Open Debate

It’s about time someone did! Some of us who criticize the policy pronouncements of Hillary Clinton, particularly on Latin America and Central American children, are being smacked around in the name of some weird need for a coronation without debate.

If we’re really Democrats, then we should have real debates.

Here’s a video from Dem candidate Martin O’Malley at this weekend’s DNC meeting that needs to be viewed by Democratic voters.

What About the Latina Wage Gap?

The National Partnership for Women and Families released some new information found in the most recent Census:  Latinas are getting hit worse by the gender wage gap.

In the 20 states with the largest number of Latinas who work full time, year round, the wage gap ranges from 51 and 68 cents for every dollar paid to men in those states.

The fact that there is a wage gap isn’t a surprise, but as women are said to make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, the fact that Latinas are making even less is cause for concern, and in the case of the National Partnership, action.

“Women of color are hard hit by a kind of perfect – and perfectly devastating – storm caused by discrimination, a struggling economy and the country’s failure to adopt family friendly workplace policies,” said Debra L. Ness, president of the National Partnership for Women & Families. “These new data show that the wage gap is costing women of color thousands of dollars in critical income each year that could be spent on food, rent, health care and on meeting other fundamental needs for their families. It’s an unacceptable situation that should be a resounding wake-up call for lawmakers who have the power to do something about it.”

When one looks at it in real dollar figures:

Nationally, Latinas are paid just 60 cents for every dollar paid to all men. That amounts to a loss of $19,182 each year. In general, women of color fare worse than women overall, who are paid 77 cents for every dollar paid to all men – or $11,084 less per year.

The National Partnership is supporting the Paycheck Fairness Act which would close loopholes to the Equal Pay Act and provide for stronger worker protections for women. This is definitely something that we must support.

The National Partnership’s findings for the 20 states with the largest numbers of employed Latinas and African American women can be found at and More information on the wage gap can be found at

Post SD Convention Happy Hour!

Mayor Castro Slams Rubio’s Nightmare

It’s good to see a voice from Texas take on Marco Rubio and his scaled down version of the DREAM Act in which beneficiaries would not enjoy the benefit of citizenship.

San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro warned Wednesday that a Republican-proposed DREAM Act without a path to citizenship for children brought here illegally was akin to “cotton candy politics.”

“It smells good, it might even taste good, but it’s really lacking in substance,” said Castro, an adviser to the Barack Obama re-election campaign.

I agree with Castro that this is simply a move by the GOP to somehow gain Latino votes in December. The Rubio plan would be an attempt to soften Mitt Romney’s position that only those who volunteer for military service deserve the benefits of DREAM, and not those who have earned good grades and have made it through college study.

There are some on the pro-DREAM side who argue that at the very least, some sort of status will allow them to work and pay taxes; however, I’m of the opinion that citizenship must be part of the equation in order to avoid any semblance of taxation without representation. In other words, the right to vote in elections. Some have gone as far to call it a “modern 3/5 clause.”

Of course, I would probably be told by a DREAMer that it is easier said than lived, since we are talking about young immigrant students who live in fear of deportation, given President Obama’s deportation policies. In fact, United We DREAM released a statement on the Rubio’s change of heart of DREAM.

UWD stands for legislation that will enable immigrant youth to live in this country without fear of deportation, give immigrant youth the opportunity to pursue their dreams, and ensure that immigrant youth have the opportunities to fully contribute to our communities and our economy.

We look forward to working with both Democrats and Republicans in the coming months to fight for real change for immigrant youth. We expect both sides to put aside partisan politics and join in open and meaningful conversation about our futures.  Senator Rubio has entered into a dialogue that affects communities in every corner of this nation.  We hope that he takes this opportunity to bring the Republican party together in welcoming the talents and service that immigrant youth offer and does not allow for a another republican gridlock on this issue.

Rubio has yet to actually file a bill. He’s probably too busy running to be a choice for Veep, but there are some on the pro-DREAM side who want to call his bluff on this nightmarish version of DREAM. Considering nationalist lobbying groups like Numbers USA, are against the notion, Republicans may not be ready to support any version of DREAM before the election.

Nonetheless, I’m glad to see a Texas voice take on this issue at a national scale.

Garcia to Announce for DFWs CD-33

Just picked this up over the “facepage,” and it looks like Dallas attorney Domingo Garcia will be announcing this afternoon for DFWs new Congressional District 33.

I want to invite everyone to my annoucement for Congress in the new DFW 33rd Congressional district.It will be at 6:30pm at Oak Cliff Tower,15th floor,400 S.Zang,Dallas,texas 75208.To volunteer or donate- 214-948-6100. Lets make history together and make America better

Garcia is a former State Rep. and candidate for Dallas Mayor, and quite a successful private practice attorney.

I met Garcia during the Texas Latino Redistricting Task Force’s tour-stop in Houston. He’s known for putting up vast resources into various candidate, voter registration and GOTV campaigns, as well as recent legal defense causes on redistricting and immigration. Needless to say, I’m sure he’ll be running quite the campaign.

But enough from me, I’m looking forward to the press releases and positions.

Stay connected!

A View of the Last Anti-Immigrant Debate

“So far, we haven’t seen any of the Republican candidates even support immigration reform. In fact, their leading candidate said he would veto even the DREAM Act, much less comprehensive immigration reform,” Obama said, in an apparent reference to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

That’s from a report by Politico on a recent Univision Radio interview of President Obama. And he’s not wrong about being the only candidate who supports some sort of path to citizenship, or, at least, he doesn’t clumsily talk about his support. He knows what he is up against and, on this issue, one can see clearly that it is the Democrat that is for CIR, and not the Republicans.

The Republican debate saw much of the same on the issue of immigration–right-wing rhetoric with a target on the backs of Latinos. Romney indeed made it clear that he prefers the Arpaio way of things. The DNC even responded with a video that sums it up.

“My presidency is not over,” Obama told Univision’s Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo “I’ve got another five years coming up. We’re going to get this done.”

Against the backdrop of the GOPs awful responses, the GOPs lack of support for CIR in the Congress, and stepped-up enforcement by the Obama administration, it’s time to mobilize and send a message at the polls–like never before. And then get it done!

Time Makes March All About Latinos

It’s not Fiestas Patrias. It’s a couple of months before Cinco de Mayo. What gives with a March Time cover?

Courtesy of Time Magazine

Time Magazine seems to think that Latinos will have a major impact on the election in November, and the cover for their March issue is the result. I like it!

Utilizing photos by Marcos Grob of Arizona voters, Time features a Q&A with Florida right-winger Marco Rubio. Also featured, and what I look forward to reading, is a commentary by Univision’s Jorge Ramos who will write on how Latinos feel isolated by either party. And finally, the featured article is by Micheal Scherer on the impact of Latinos from Arizona in 2012.

For the Obama campaign nationwide, “expanding the electorate” increasingly means “expanding the Latino electorate.” If Obama is able to win heavily-Latino Western states like Nevada, Colorado and Arizona, he could still win in the electoral college even if he loses historically key states in the industrial Midwest like Ohio and Wisconsin. “If we do our grassroots stuff right on the ground in all these Western states, which we will, because it’s something we are good at,” Obama campaign manager Jim Messina told me, “we could seriously change the outcome.”

At the same time, Republicans have generally done a dismal job through the primary of appealing to Latino voters. George W. Bush won more than 40% of the community in 2004, but in a recent Latino Decisions poll conducted for Univision, 72% of Latinos said the GOP either did not care about their support or was hostile to their community. The 27% who sensed hostility represented a seven point increase from April of 2011, when the same pollsters asked the question. “Conservatives have not realized how their tone and rhetoric has turned people off,” says Jennifer Korn, who led George W. Bush’s Latino outreach effort in 2004.

Supposedly, Marco Rubio will be the right-winger trying to soften the blow, but his failure to support comprehensive immigration reform tells me any change in him is mostly cosmetic, and therefore any change by the GOP will be mostly his leftovers.

That said, Scherer does make a point here:

So in the days remaining before the Arizona primary, pay close attention to how the GOP Presidential candidates talk about immigration. They have little to gain from Republicans by pivoting to softer rhetoric, but they have much to gain in the general election.

And have you noticed that, up until today, it’s been all about Obama’s Christianity and the attack on women? Is that the actual Latino strategy at work?

These stories will appear in the March 5 issue of TIME, which will be released online Thursday and hit newsstands Friday, February 24.

Supremes to Decide Affirmative Action: A Perfect Storm

It really does look like a perfect storm–well-coordinated and perfectly positioned, time-wise.

The Supremes will take on the issue of Affirmative Action at colleges and universities in the fall–around the time of the elections. It is scary to think that the Supreme Court could have a hand in turning back the clock; however, the attack against diversity is nothing new.

Ever since Dumbocrat AG Dan Morales opened the door to attack through his awful interpretation of Hopwood, the right-wing has been relentless. Any white kid who didn’t get into UT was given the right to blame any brown or black kid for blocking them from attending, it seemed. Forget that ones experiences could make that person a better candidate, or yes, even forget that Texas was becoming a lot more diverse, particularly when it comes to college admissions.

Back to the perfect storm, the Supremes are already taking on some hot topics regarding diversity, so “race” will be in the news from now on as arguments and opinions fly about. What adds to the worry is this:

But there have been changes in the Supreme Court since then. For one thing, Justice Samuel Alito appears more hostile to affirmative action than his predecessor, Sandra Day O’Connor. For another, Justice Elena Kagan, who might be expected to vote with the court’s liberal-leaning justices in support of it, is not taking part in the case.

Kagan’s absence probably is a result of the Justice Department‘s participation in the Texas case in the lower courts at a time when she served as the Obama administration’s solicitor general.

I can already see the responses or excuses, like “we are colorblind,” or “we don’t need it anymore,” or “things are better, you should be happy with that.”

And those are just the nicer ones. Don’t even read the comments in the Chron

Ultimately, this just shows how important elections really are. There is no sense in waiting to see what the decision may be; it’s just time to get out the vote!

MALDEF’s 2012 Latino State of the Union

Got an hour and 12 minutes? Check this out.

National S-COMM Protest To Hit Houston at 11AM

As I stated on Friday’s Thoughts on Viernes, the Obama Administration has expanded the controversial and flawed immigrant round-up program called Secure Communities. A national effort headed by has gathered petitions and protests are being held on Tuesday (today) around the country in Chicago, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, NC, and here in Houston.

As the petitions and protests target President Barack Obama, the local protest will deliver thousands of petitions to Obama’s local de facto headquarters, Harris County Democratic Party at 1445 North Loop West (77018) at approximately 11:00 AM.

The official press release is below the fold, but will be at the protest/petition delivery to get some photos.

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